What happened so far?

Graduation party

In August 2019 we organised a graduation party for the students graduating from Vivian's own orphanage school (1000GHS). Moreover, we are expecting to send a container with goods to the orphanage from Germany in autumn (October/November). More information on this will follow. 

NGO and Container

In June, 2019 we finished setting up an NGO "Tender Hearts Amberg" (Verein) in Germany in addition to the existing NGO "Tender Hearts & Love" in Ghana. Moreover, we are still preparing a container shipment which takes many steps in Ghana for official approval. The application process is much longer than expected. However, we hope that future containers can be shipped more easily than the first one.

Planning the next steps

In January, 2019 we started planning our next steps together with a P-seminar at GMG (practical seminar). We will start a second round of (monetary) donations, as well as organise a container to ship to Ghana (donated goods like furniture). Moreover, we are currently preparing to set up a "Verein" in Germany to also be able to operate officially there. Tender Hearts is registered in Ghana, and we would like to add registration in Germany. 


We bought four soccer balls to be delivered to the orphanage, and will organise more pencils and exercise books during the next few weeks. The orphanage children wrote lists of what they would like to have (see pictures).

School benches

In October, 2018 we bought wood for 30 school desks, with the orphanage school lacking seating for their students (class 1 to 6). The carpenter put the desks together directly at the orphanage to save transport money. 


Moreover, we collected used clothes and shoes from family and friends in Ghana and donated them to the orphanage. We also handed 76 previously purchased pencils to the students.

Polytank, mattresses & further letters

In September 2018, we bought a 10.000 litre Polytank for the orphanage (3750 GHS). Their dwell did not provide much water, running water was not available, and the existing water storage tank was broken. This was an urgent matter, with too little water available for the children. We built a platform for the polytank (950 GHS) for better water storage and better maintenance. Overall, we spent about 900 € for the polytank.


Moreover, we bought 15 more mattresses (25 were bought before) for  2850 GHS (around 520 €). 


Further letters were exchanged between the students, and between helping volunteers.

Buying mattresses & starting pen friendships

We bought 25 mattresses (200 GHC each) for the children in May 2018,  bunk beds and 15 more mattresses will follow! We spent around 1000 € overall. 


First letters from German students of GMG in Amberg were delivered to the Ghanaian students living at the orphanage, and Ghanaian letters were taken back to Germany.

A first donation to Tema orphanage

In February 2018 we delivered a first smaller donation to the orphanage in Tema. The donation included two bikes, two soccer balls, 20 mosquito nets, two large packs of rice, two containers of cooking oil, more than 70 sets of clothes, 15 pairs of shoes, and 15 bed sheets. We spent 500 € overall.

Round 1 money collection at GMG

In December 2017, a letter was distributed to all parents of children going to school at GMG. This letter invited the parents to donate any amount of money for the orphanage in Tema. In addition, school projects were run that collected additional money at GMG. For example, 6th grade students sold Christmas bees wax candles, and 5th/6th grade students made handmade donation boxes, filled them and delivered them back to GMG. Christmas cards were made and sold in addition. 


Introducing the project to GMG

In November 2017, presentations were held at GMG to introduce Tender Hearts Project to students. 





Germany: +49 176 380 30 468

Ghana: +233 50 132 3788